Anywhere, Anytime

With your Speedminton® equipment, you can play anywhere and anytime! All you need is two rackets, a Speeder® and there you go. The Speeder® is specially designed for outdoor play, wind resistant until wind force 4 and has a stable flight path until 30 meters. No limits for you: play in the park, on the street or in the backyard - fun is guaranteed. There is no net and with the glowing NIGHT Speeder® you can play even in the dark.

For those who want to play a match, we created the Easy Court. Two squares of 5.5m (the playing field) are setup within seconds at a distance of 12.8m - your court is waiting for you!


Speedminton® Quick-Start Manual

1. Start hitting the FUN Speeder® (red coat, yellow cap)

2. Have a distance of about 5m between you and your partner.

3. The serve has to be made at waist level.

4. When you get used to the Speeder®, increase the distance to your partner up to 10m.

5. Now switch over to the MATCH Speeder® (yellow coat, red cap). The is distance to your partner should be about 12-15m.

6. In case of strong wind push a wind ring over the Speede® cap.

7. You really like the game? Then get yourself an Easy Court (two squares of 5.5m and in a distance of 12.8m).

8. Wanna play at night? Use the NIGHT Speeder® (yellow coat, transparent cap) and insert one Speedlight. Crack the Speedlight and push it firmly into the cap and you are ready. Have fun from dusk til dawn!

Crossminton Rules

The game

A game ends when one player reaches 16 points and until one player has a two-point advantage. A match consists of two wins.


Each player has three consecutively serves. Every serve counts. If the score is tied at 15:15, service alternates after each point. The service has to be done from hip level, overhead-smashes are not allowed. The losing side always has first service in the next game.


Points are if the Speeder® hits the ground. Lines are part of the game. Body hits are counted as a point.

Changing sides

Players change sides after each game. If a third game (tiebreak) becomes necessary, players change sides every 6 played points.

Official tournament rules

Here you go for the official tournament rules of the International Crossminton Organisation (ICO):